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"Der Roehrkampf"

"der Kampf um Cauquigny"

"Ostfront Winter 1942-43"


About Us...


Der Erste Zug is a WWII Heer research and reenactment organization dedicated to an apolitical portrayal of the common German Landser of WWII. We do this as accurately as research, materials, and safety allow in order to better educate ourselves and the public at large about this part of history that is often overlooked or misinterpreted.

As a group, we are committed to historical accuracy in both our public and private programs. We present a carefully researched and documented portrayal of German Army uniforms, equipment, personal items, food, etc. Our high standards of authenticity extend beyond the purely material culture and into every aspect of the German soldier's military life including drill, fieldcraft, tactics, and cultural mannerisms.

Our unit participates in living history programs throughout the East Coast of the United States including air shows, public interpretations, historic films, National Park programs, as well as total immersion weekends. We are also involved in preservation efforts to help keep history alive for future generations.

Why did we choose to call ourselves "Der Erste Zug?" "Erste" means first & a "Zug" is the German version of a platoon (which was 30 to 40 men). These platoon formations were found in most German infantry units of the war. We decided on this "generic" name to allow ourselves to explore multiple units on multiple fronts and cater our impression to a wider range of scenarios. No matter the theater or period, our impressions are always that of the common soldier.

Units We Portray

272. Infanterie/Volksgrenadier Division

Westfront: June 44 – May 45
Normandie to the surrender


90. Panzergrenadier Division

Südfont: May 43 – May45
Italian campaign


11. Infanterie Division 

Invasion of Poland, France, Russia, & Ostfront until the surrender

Disclaimer: We are a non-political organization. Our group does not support, condone, or allow any activity which could bring discredit on its members or the soldiers we portray. NO NEO-NAZI NOR EXTREMIST ACTIVITY OF ANY KIND WILL BE ALLOWED NOR TOLERATED. We are military historians looking to preserve history.




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