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Translated by Dan Aikins, edited by Jonathan Bocek

Command: “Hinlegen!” (“Lay Down!”)
The soldier places the left foot approximately one step forward, and kneels upon the right knee. At the same time he grasps the rifle at the balance with the left hand (taking it from his right), muzzle of the rifle somewhat raised. (At about a 45 degree angle). He bends the torso forward and lays forward flat on the ground, going down on the left knee, then the right hand, then the left elbow, which supports the body.

All of these movements flow quickly from one to the other. (Remember! Right knee, left knee, right hand, left elbow.) The stock of the rifle, between the upper & lower barrel bands, is rested on the left forearm (note: the soldier is now holding the rifle with his right hand). The barrel points outwards to the left. The muzzle and bolt assembly may not touch the ground under any circumstances. The head is raised, eyes looking forward. The soldier then relaxes.

Frequent Mistakes:
1. The rifle isn’t taken by the left hand and/or at the balance of the stock.
2. The proper sequence of laying down: right knee, left knee, etc. isn’t followed, and the soldier doesn’t lay down forward.
3. The rifle lays twisted/skewed on the left forearm and the rifle butt is too far away from the body.
4. The head isn’t raised and the soldier is looking at the ground instead of forward.

Command: “Auf!” (“Up!”)
The soldier places the balance of the stock in the left hand, muzzle somewhat elevated. He supports himself on the right hand, simultaneously pushing the right leg forward as close to the stomach as possible. This is done without raising the torso from the ground. The soldier then pushes himself up from the ground with the right hand, stepping forward with the left foot and pushing to the rear with the right. At the same time he grasps the rifle with the right hand, and assumes the position of “order arms”. The soldier then relaxes.



- Reibert, Robert W. Der Dienstunterricht im Heere,  E.S. Mittler & Sohn, Berlin, 1940. p.210–213



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