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Clothing & Equipment Labels
By Jonathan Bocek & Bradley R. Hubbard

According to German regulations, all the clothing & issued equipment must have the proper stamps & the name of the owner on it.  The name should be in the proximity of the stamps, on the leather items is must be glued on.  

The reasoning behind this is exactly what it seems, to identify the owner of the item.  When you have so many of the same type of items around, you need to be able to identify which gear is actually yours & which are not.  You were of course responsible for all items issued to you.  

Below you will find the original chart showing the proper location of these "Namen" tabs for each item.  This chart was taken from an early war manual which also shows the proper location of the "stempel."  If you look at the blanket there is a notation that reads, "In den 3 anderen Ecken nur mit dem Truppen-Stempel gezeichnet" which means: In the 3 other corners only marked with the unit-stamp.  The "Stempel" is a block-line unit stamp of the type used in Soldbuchs.  These unit stamped items can sometimes be found in items issued earlier in the war, but this type of marking seemed to be phased out as the war progressed.  The name tabs however, appear to have been utilized throughout.

These "property tags" could be a good authentic, yet practical addition to one's reenacting kit.  So, in effort to help those interested in putting "Namen" tabs on their gear, here is an easy way to get personalized period name tabs made up.  You would basically either have a screen printer print a large template of numerous member tabs in multiple numbers or do the same, but use one of those home computer iron on t-shirt kits.  Either process should  be done on a stiff linen type cloth. The hard part is getting the individual tab graphics completed, especially if your not used to using photo editing software.

First, you would need to locate an original name tab that has a format that you like.  Scan the image and using a photo editing software, clean up the image and change out the name with the personalized first person one (be sure to use a similar font).  Next, set up a large image template with all the tabs you want to print.  Then, either have the screen printer print the template on the cloth or print out the iron on type yourself.  Finally, cut out the tabs and attach them like the regulations say.   



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