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The (in)famous research section of Der Erste Zug's website. Here you will find a repository of concerning various aspects of the German soldier & his equipment during WWII.  This is an ever-evolving project which began as a sort of "FAQ" page of the most common questions asked by living historians.  After answering the same handful so many times over we decided to them into print form and it evolved from there. 

Note: we do not claim to be the final word on any of these topics.  As new information and resources become available (and surprisingly for one of the most documented periods of human history, new information is constantly discovered) we will attempt to update articles accordingly. History cannot be discussed in terms of absolutes, so be careful when you hear claims that something "never" or "always" happened a certain way!  Our intention is to present what we, through research, have found to be the "most common".  Exceptions can always be found of course, especially in a vast army comprised of millions of men.

We hope to build a database of information that living historians can use to further their research in effort to better portray the German Infantryman of WWII.  Of course any work contributed to this effort will have full credit given to the author.




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