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Wehrmacht Issue Blanket Repros
Identical replicas of an original Wehrmacht issue blanket!

As many of you know, there were no real good sources for reproduction WW2 German army blankets that were based off an original.  So, some of the members of der Erste Zug took on the project & produced the nearly identical replica of the original WH issue blanket pictured here:

These blankets were a standard piece of equipment for all German army personnel.  It was issued for use during the fall and winter months and returned to the military depots for the spring and summer months (this not always being the case).  These blankets were found in training barracks and static defenses as well.  They were manufactured with an interwoven colored stripe at each end allowing the owner a reference point to roll the blanket up in a consistent manner to attach it to his field pack.

When deciding on what blanket to copy, we examined 6 original examples of the same pattern.  This type blanket is well known amongst collectors world wide as a WW2 German army blanket & has been seen in various photographs.  All of our originals & those we examined in other collections, are that of a light grey to almost white or cream color.  All have the red "guide" stripe on one end and a blue "guide" stripe on the other.  Pictures of the stripes on the reproduction (left) & original (right) are shown below:  

You will note that the reproduction blanket is brighter in color both in the body & stripes. This is due to the fact that we wanted to produce the blanket as it looked when issued, not as though it had years of wear & tear.  As you can see, all the details of the original down to the weave and the wool are exact!  You will not find a better blanket.  

Please understand, we are not claiming this blanket to be the only issued blanket used by the Wehrmacht. We are aware that the German military used all types of captured stocks, etc... As of now, the German reenacting community is dominated by the plain & foreign blankets of the generic type with & without Hospital property stamps. We figured, those looking for something more than the average plain blanket would like a chance to acquire an exact repro of one of the blanket variants that has confirmed wartime usage.

We chose this pattern blanket for reproduction, because it has the end "guide" stripes for folding the blanket (red on one end, blue on the other) which makes it different than any other blanket in use today.  It is these specific differences that will make it obvious to others that the blanket you have, is German issue.


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