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Veteran Interviews...

As with any research one may do, it is always better to get the information from those who were there.  With this in mind, we have posted various interviews with soldiers who fought in the German army during WWII.  We know how hard it is to get this type of information and hope you find this useful in you research to better your impression as well as to keep their stories alive. They as with any veteran, should not be forgotten.
Karl Wegner
GR 914, 352nd Infanterie Division
Al Becker
GR 752, 326th Infanterie Division
Julius K. Anderssen
A Navy Transferee to the Army
Hugo Scharnowski
Shortest Career in the Wehrmacht?
Hans Melker
GR 169, 68th Infanterie Division
Army Artillery Regiment 260
Oswald Maier
A Wehrmacht Veterinarian
A 3rd SS Untersturmführer
Stephan Kurylla
A Ukrainian Luftwaffe Volunteer
An Alsatian in "Das Reich"
August Weber
Messenger on the Eastern Front
A 12th SS Obersturmführer  
Klaus Gerlach
A PAK Unteroffizier
Gerd Hörner
GR 980, 272nd VG Division  
Eberhardt Von Machui
28th Jäger Div. Leutnant
Engelbert Hoppe
A Landser in the Channel Islands
Josef Bieburger
A Luftwaffe man turned infantry 
Gerhard G.Hennes
A DAK Signal Corps Leutnant
William Lubbeck
A Officer on the Eastern Front 
A 2nd SS Sturmann
Gustav Rewwer
A Fallschirm-Panzergrenadier

Der Erste Zug
is looking to gather World War 2 German veteran interviews to add to our public database.  If you wish to tell us your story or have one you wish to share, please email us at:



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