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Printable Labels...

The following are free PDF files of various labels taken from original items.  Feel free to use them in your impression.  It is recommended when possible, to print these using a laser printer.  This will prevent the ink from running when damp or wet.  If using an inkjet printer, you could also use spray on  ink sealant as well.  Enjoy!

Wehrmacht Issue Condom Packet
Here is a military issue condom packet.  The original held two (Non-Lubricated) condoms on a small brown strip of paper.  Use a brownish marbled stationary paper or thin brown "paper bag" type paper.

DOWNLOAD: Click Here


Dutch Cigarettes
Here is a pack of 20 cigarettes made in Holland.  Included is the cross stamp as well as the tax stamp. 
For the packaging itself, use a light cream-colored paper.

DOWNLOAD: Click Here

Thanks to Don Peterson for providing this file.

Belgium Can Label
I have been told that these labels are from the 1930s, but
unfortunately I have yet to confirm this.  Even so, they look like period civilian labels & are a lot better than some others being used in the hobby.  These will fit on the standard modern food can.  You will want to print this out on a gold/yellow or white cardstock paper (cardstock will help prevent the modern ribbing of today's cans from showing).

DOWNLOAD: Click Here

German Wine Label
An original German Marcobrunner wine label (Rhine) dated 1940.  You will note that this is not your usual "Party" wine label, as it has no swastikas on it.  Weird....but they did exist during the war.  This should be printed on off-white paper.

DOWNLOAD: Click Here

Hautentgiftungsmittel Label
Finally, here is a label you can put on those anti-gas skin salve containers that never seem to have them when you find them.  Just print this out on a heavy tan paper & glue them on.  To hold the lid closed, they used a 5/8"-wide cloth tape colored to indicate the date of manufacture: red (up to 1940), black (1941), light green (1942), & yellow (1943).

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