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Heer Hand Signals
By Jonathan Bocek

Below you will find the basic German hand signals and the proper ways to execute them.  It is recommended that NCOs as well as grenadiers learn these for it will play a vital role in our field tactics.  It is also a good way of communicating in the field without having to know German. 


     Arm held high

     A) By Leader
     Achtung (attention)
     B) By Ass. Leader
     Understand or ready or ready to move


     Arm held high and brought down once

     A) At the halt
     Fall in or come to me
B) On the move
     Faster or quicker movement


     Arm held at the shoulder and moved once in the direction wanted

     A) Right arm
     To the right
B) Left arm
     To the left


     Arm held high and brought from outer position closer to the head

     A) On the line of march
     "At ease"
B) At "at ease"
     Form up in line of march


     Arm held high and brought slowly down sideways



     Arm held high and brought down in a sharp action

     A) On the move
B) At the halt
     Sit (not needed if already sitting)


     High held arm brought deeply down and forward

     "Lie down"


     Point with arm in a direction (on movement)

     Follow this way


     Swing arm in front of the body

     A) At loading and unloading weapons
     Clear weapons or stack weapons for work
     (Signal Troops)

     B) At the halt
     Sit (not needed if already sitting)


     Fist held at chest, brought out straight with a sharp movement

     "Take cover" (From planes)


     Arm held over head, moving in a circular motion

     Prepare for next action


    Both arms held out

     Position (Firing positions)


     Arm stretched out and swung in a circular motion

     A) In open order

     B) In closed order sitting (in vehicles)
     Fall in without vehicles


     Arm crossed in front of chest

     Stack rifles


     Wobble high held hand

     "Leaders of smaller units to me"


     Headgear held high

     Here we are


     Rifle stretched over head

     "Area clear of enemy"


     Rifle held over head with two hands

     "Area not clear of enemy"


     Spade held high

     A) Given from the front
     We are digging in

     B) Given from the rear
     Dig in


     Ammo can held high

     Ammunition forward



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