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Commands, Tactics, Etc...

To better understand the average infantryman, one must also be familiar with his training.  In this section you will find articles concerning such topics as: squad formations, rifle drill, combat tactics, commands, whistle signals, and much more.



• The German Replacement System • German School of the Soldier
• German Training Principles • German Manual of Arms
• The Wolfgrabhόgel • German Close-Order Drill
• Bicycle-Mounted Troops • Squad Formations in Open Order
• Assault Gun Tactics • Bicycle Formations
• German Company in Defense • "Hinlegen!"
• Fighting In Wooded Terrain • How Germans Handle the Rifle
• Deception, German-Style • The Firefight & Actions in Combat
• Instructions in case of capture • Working Forward
• German Infantry Fieldworks
• What the Germans Thought


• Heer Hand Signals • The 1944 Gruppe
• Heer Whistle Signals • Tactical Philosophies of the Squad
• VGD Fόsilier Kompanie

Military Etiquette:

• Salutes by Individuals & Units
• Behavior Towards Superiors


German Classroom Behavior




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