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German Close-Order Drill
Transcribed by Heidi Breedon

The following was taken from the March 1944 issue of The Intelligence Bulletin.  This publication was issued by the U.S. War Department to military personnel with the intention of providing helpful information concerning the enemy.

The figure below illustrates the methods of executing a number of commands in German close-order drill, which differs in a number of respects from that used by the United States Army. All German soldiers are accustomed to these commands, which are listed below, together with a pronunciation guide. The unit depicted below is a basic German squad of nine men (usually commanded by an Unteroffizier, a rank roughly equivalent to the U.S. corporal).


"Marschordnung rechts ohne Tritt Marsch! Im Gleichschritt! 1.   "Marsh-rd-noong REKTS oh-neh tritt, MARSH! Im glke-shritt!
"In Linie zu einem Gliede links marschiert auf Marsch! Marsch! Im Gleichschritt!" 2.   "In len-yeh tsoo ee-nem gledeh linx mar-shert owf, MARSH-MARSH! Im glke-shritt!"
"Reihe rechts!" 3.   "R-uh REKTS!"
"Links schwenkt Marsch! Gerade aus!" 4.   Linx shvenkt. MARSH! Grh-deh owss!"
"In Marschordnung links marschiert auf Marsch! Marsch!" 5.   "In marsh-rd-noong linx mar-shert owf, MARSH-MARSH!"
"Links schwenkt Marsch! Gerade aus!" 6.   "Linx shvenkt, MARSH! Grh-deh owss!"
"Reihe rechts!" 7.   "R-uh REKTS"
"In linie zu einem Gliede rechts marschiert auf Marsch! Marsch! Im Gleichschritt!" 8.   "In len-yeh tsoo ee-nem gle-deh rekts mar-shert owf, MARSH-MARSH! Im glke-shritt!"
"Links um!" 9.   "Linx OOM!"
"Abteilung halt Links um!" 10.   "Opp-te-loong HAHLT! Linx OOM!"



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