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Bicycle Formations
By Justin Smith

A.) Structure of the Bicycle Squad
1.)The organization of the Bicycle squad is as follows-
The squad should consist of 8-10 men including:
- Gruppenfuhrer (squad leader)
- Truppenfuhrer (assistant squad leader)
- M.G. Schutze eines (Machine Gunner)
- M.G. Schutze Zwei (assistant machine gunner)
- One or two Machine Gun ammunition bearers
- Remainder of the squad were Schutzes (riflemen)


B.) Formation of the Bicycle Squad
1.)    The first depiction is very similar to that of a Infantry squad. Bicycle troops were at times required to serve as infantry, and therefore the organization is quite similar.


A.)   Single File Formation - 
Used generally in connection with marching.
B.)   Line Formation -

As with regular infantry squad drill, this is the bicycle troop equivalent of falling in for formation.

C.)   March Column -
Double column formation for marching. Spacing should be   roughly two meters interval between riders

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